26/3 new cover featured in 「Watashi to Dorikamu -DREAMS COME TRUE 25th ANNIVERSARY BEST COVERS-」
23/4 new single 「Departure」

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Since alaways, I’m a fan of Korean music, and recently after seeing a sea of ​​Lightstick by the Japanese fan for EXO, I said: “And why not SCANDAL?”.
I also just thought that during the “Girl’s factory at Yoyogi Nat. Gym.” SCANDAL noticed that there were many then Lightstick that during their…

Japanese fandom usually have lightstick ocean too.
If you look at jpop idol’s concerts or at big solo artist (as ayumi hamasaki or Namie amuro), they have a ocean of lightstick as in music events

but I highly doubt there’ll ever be a lightstick sea in a band concert :/ it’s not as a music event with different kind of artist or idols I mean. In Japanese (pop-)rock concerts they use mostly towels not lightstick an it’ll be hard to make such a project with all the audience for have a big sea, so also mostly of the Japanese fandom.
(I personally never seen lightstick as scandal concert goods)

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