SCANDAL in Hawaii


SCANDAL’s MAMI & TOMOMI; “Went to USJ. We’ve evolved into Spiderman” - TOMOMI

note: yesasia doesn’t have HELLO WORLD LP limited edition


the wizarding world of harry potter♡
I’m so happy!

no needs for translation as HARU wrote in english



SCANDAL; 10DAYS Final on Mezamashi Terebi

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ YT!


SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE”10”DAYS「Kyuu ni Kite Moratte Gomen. 2014~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiite Yo~」
The tenth performance!! The final!! Dojima River Forum!!!
Everyone who came out, thank you very much!!
Also, we’re grateful to everyone who came out to 10DAYS. Thank you, truly!

The date has changed, so it was yesterday!
It’s already been announced, but the new songs we played at these LIVES will be on an album we’ll be releasing on 12/3!!
The title is 『HELLO WORLD』
Our sixth album. There’ll be lots of things like the songs we performed at these LIVES and other member-created songs!

Before the album,
On 11/19!!
We’ll be releasing our 20th single 『Image』!!
We’ve complete a cool rock song that’s straight, clear, and goes flying along!!
It’d be great if it becomes daily food for everyone who listens to it.
Please look forward to it!!

Starting from January next year, we’ll be holding this album
And going on
Not only are we playing in Japan, but internationally as well!
For more info
Check out
SCANDAL’s official site!
Many people from overseas came to the LIVES this time.
SCANDAL will be heading out next, so wait for us, okayー!!

We tried having a long title for the first time,
And many people coming to see SCANDAL every day and looking forward to it made for a very happy 10 days.
It was a fun 10 days where I’d have fun grinning while looking at everyone’s thoughts on Twitter and the blog comments☺︎☺︎☺︎
Gathering pictures, cosplay outfit pictures, fully equipped with 10DAYS goods pictures, etc.…
You guys definitely conveyed your overflowing energy!
I’m truly happy. LIVES are the best!!!

These heart-pounding 10 days went by in no time, but so many memories were made.
I’m so grateful that I’ll never be able to say so no matter how many times I say thank you!!!!
Thank you very much for the power to live on that we’ve received!!!

On the last day I had a simple braid☺︎

At the restaurant after the LIVE we had this plate (picture above). HAPPY!☀︎☀︎☀︎

So happy☺︎

translation by thoseguiltyeyes @ SH