It’s that time of the year again where preparations for the biggest annual year-end Japanese music shows are happening, although SCANDAL has yet to be confirmed for any music shows at this time. As for last year, the band had the opportunity to participate in the 2013 FNS Music Festival in December.

One of those shows that will be happening is NTV’s annual “Best Artist" music festival, where only artists as chosen by nationwide viewers will attend. Last year’s show has seen a total of over 32 artists. So as per usual, being a hopeful fan, I want to see SCANDAL appear on it despite having bands on this being less-common. This year’s show will be on 26th Nov 2014 (Wed), as hosted by Arashi’s Sakurai Sho.

As mentioned, artists are chosen completely by fan requests so if you have some free time to spare, you can request for SCANDAL and your other favourite Japanese artists to be on the show. Link to the survey is HERE.

For the convenience of those who are non-Japanese literate, I’ve translated the survey (above). For the prefecture selection, you can select anything at random. (The example I’ve provided is Tokyo.) As for the song selection, it is highly recommended that a recent hit song is put (Eg: Yoake no Ryuuseigun 夜明けの流星群 - SCANDAL)

The deadline is not mentioned but artists are usually announced about 2 weeks before the show (around 12th Nov~). It is obviously not a must to do this but if you’re planning to do the survey, then thank you (:

NTV’s Best Artist 2014 website HERE.

SCANDAL’s RINA has being featured once again in ORCHESTRA hair salon blog!

SCANDAL’s RINA: interview

Today we made the first interview for 【HELLO WORLD】!

SCANDAL’s upcoming new song Image has being chooses as a cheer song during the BS FUJI TV’s coverage of the International Women’s Football Championship 2014!

The championship will be held in Japan in November. For more informations about the event check the wikia page

Anonymous SAID:
What about the scandal shop(in shibuya if I'm not wrong)

It is now a KITTY WEB SHOP only, because the third season of the scandal shop already ended.
I believe kitty shop will eventually close in December if I’m right, it’s not a long run shop, they open it and close it during the year as the same thing of becoming for a short time a SCANDAL SHOP.

If anyone has further infos or corrections, please let me know in the askbox (^_−)−☆


SCANDAL; 10DAYS LIVE, DAY 5 @ Tokyo • Akasaka BLITZ 


SCANDAL; 10DAYS LIVE, DAY 5 @ Tokyo • Akasaka BLITZ


SCANDAL; 10DAYS LIVE, DAY 5 @ Tokyo • Akasaka BLITZ 

SCANDAL’s RINA 「one piece」 english translation

RINA’s first personal book is currently under translation at SCANDAL-HEAVEN, thanks to thoseguiltyeyes.

She will translate the book posting only the pictures also published in scandal’s official ameba blog.

Check the translate part clicking the link below or go to the topic only:

all the biggest thanks to Jadethoseguiltyeyes for accepting this hard job! always check the source of those links or this post for keeping track of the new translated part. random inside pictures took from previous posts here at scandalmania tumblr.

SCANDAL at UTA-TANE (20th June 2009) + subs

In this old interview, SCANDAL talked about themself and the band. With an introduction of their story so far, the girls started a mirrored interview, asking to their ‘band-self' some questions along with different live and backstage footage, going through all their events and releases.

In this precious interview, we can learn again how strong is the bond with music and their feelings since starting to play an instrument for the first time as worring about continuing the band project or just keep doing dance. This is the interview where we can see RINA crying talking about her first experience with the drums. We can also learn that Namie Amuro is one of the biggest rolemodel in the music scene for HARUNA.

The interview then continued showing the anime adaptation of the band and their first lives overseas in America, France and Hong Kong in 2008. During the America footage we do learn  the depressed feelings of their first overseas live which was a failure, but their strenght to keep going and taking notes after every live for getting better. And this would be the reason of a suddently change in the middle of the tour, reaching San Francisco and their being called for an encore during Seattle live.

The video continues with the DOLL release and footage of the band splitted in couple going in Harajuku (HARUNA and TOMOMI) and in a music store (MAMI and RINA), and then finished with some footage of the Shouju S era.

video uploaded by 2xCantarian @ DM